Grower’s early season beet yields top 100t/ha

A bumper sugar beet crop is on the cards for one grower this year who has recorded early season yields of more than 100t/ha.

An 8ha field of KWS Rosalinda harvested on Wednesday (28 September) yielded 100.28t/ha (40.6t/acre) with a sugar content of 17.5% at Genevieve Farm, at Ingham, north of Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk.

Farm manager Kevin Hayhoe was delighted with the results, especially for a September-lifted beet crop on light land.

“It’s the highest beet yields that we have ever seen on farm. We usually average around 70t/ha (28t/acre),” he said.

The crop was drilled about seven inches apart in mid-March with a Kongskilde drill and it “got away well right from the start”.

A robust chemical and fertiliser programme was applied to all 160ha (400 acres) of beet crops this year on Genevieve’s two farms, in Suffolk and Norfolk.

Before the Rosalinda was drilled, 150kg/ha of potash, 200kg/ha of sodium and 100kg/ha of magnesium, were applied before the land was ploughed in December.

The crop was drilled into land which had not seen a sugar beet crop for many years, said Mr Hayhoe. “This is likely to have contributed significantly to its good performance.”

A fortnight before it was lifted, the crop was irrigated with 25mm of water.

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