Guide to choosing the right game cover mix

A new guide that aims to help growers choose seed mixes for Entry and Higher Level Scheme options, buffer strips, arable and set-aside options, has been produced by Agrovista.

The guide, produced in conjunction with DLF Trifolium, sets out the seed range available, how varieties and species interact with each other, their benefits and which mixes will provide cover as well as feed value.

“In the current agricultural climate, getting the right information about Entry and Higher Level Schemes is vital,” said Agrovista business development director, John Griffiths.

For a copy of the Game-Cover and Forage seeds catalogue, or more information on cover and qualifying mixtures, e-mail

Another guide is also now available, outlining practical advice on ways to restore grey partridge populations.

Developed by the Game Conservancy Trust as part of the Voluntary Initiative, the “Biodiversity Briefing” explains the causes of decline in grey partridge numbers and ways to increase their population.

It contains a range of simple do’s and don’ts for farmers to consider and many align with new environmental practices under the Entry Level Scheme.

E.g. the construction of beetle banks and margins beside hedgerows will encourage spring nesting cover; while conservation headlands and wild bird cover set-aside strips encourage summer insects – the principle food for partridges.

The briefing can be downloaded from the VI web site