Halfway through harvest in Co. Antrim

Gerald Erwin is combining spring barley today at Nutts Corner, Crumlin, Co. Antrim, and still has spring barley, spring oats and spring wheat left to cut.

“Wheat yields have been good at 7.4-10.4t/ha – we had Leeds, Diego, Garner, and Einstein as a second wheat. The Leeds was the most disappointing as it had a lot of disease,” he said.

Gerald winter oats, cut last week, averaged 7.9t/ha, while Husky spring oats were doing exceptionally well. “At a guess, I’d say they’re yielding 6.8-7.4t/ha.”

The first field of spring barley had managed 6.4t/ha against a target of 5t/ha, but the second field was only just ready, added Mr Erwin.

“It’s in a heavy field and we’re struggling to get over it with the combine after heavy rain at the weekend.”

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Both the oats and spring barley had been knocked about by the weather, and although it was dry the weather was overcast, he said.

“The oats were at 17% moisture yesterday – although we started harvest at 15-16% moisture, now we’re lucky to get below 18%.”

Harvest was just over halfway through in the area, with 60ha left to cut on the farm.

“If it stays dry we should finish everything but the spring oats next week – they’re not all fit so they will probably go into the following week.”