Hampshire harvest looks promising

Tom Coleman finished 20ha of Flagon winter barley today at Lower Norton Farm, Winchester. He said yields of 7.9t/ha were slightly above budgeted, and hoped the crop would meet malting quality. Hampshire Grain was waiting to sell the crop to see if the price would increase.

Eighty one hectares of rape were “not looking too bad”, he said. He expected to start a field of Castille oilseed rape today moving onto Expert later this week.

Mr Coleman was “looking forward to getting into” 162ha of winter wheat. Despite the heat, the crop was “looking promising”.

He added: “I am hoping the crop has been through grain fill long enough that the heat should not have had too big an impact upon it.”

• Crop: Winter Barley
• Variety: Flagon
• Area: 20ha
• Yield: 7.9t/ha
• Quality: N/A

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