Hard work and green wheat in Gloucestershire

Reg Pearce of Mill Farm, Tytherington was having his Boost winter barley collected when FWi called this morning. The 20ha (50 acres) came in at 8.75t/ha (3.5 t/acre) with 96% germination.

“I’m pleased with progress so far, but it’s been expensive on the dryer,” he said

Despite the combine getting stuck around five times Mr Pearce had completed the oilseed rape, with 60ha (150 acres) of Lioness coming in at 4-4.25 t/ha (1.6-1.7 t/acre). It was cut at 10.4% and dried down to below 8%, “its hard work” he said.

Alchemy, Solstice and Timber winter wheat on the farm were still green and Mr Pearce was waiting for the Roundup (glyphosate) he sprayed last Saturday [28 July] to do its work. He said the bottoms of the straw were rotting, “It’s looking a little sad for itself.”

Mr Pearce also had over 40ha (100 acres) of winter oats to do as well, which he hoped would be fit over the weekend.

He said progress was about 10-15% down this year and added, “It’s a terrible year, but fingers crossed, we’ll have ten days of good weather.”

• Crop: Winter barley
• Variety: Boost
• Area: 20ha
• Yield: 8.75t/ha
• Germination: 96%

• Crop: Oilseed rape
• Variety: Lioness
• Area: 60ha
• Yield: 4-4.25 t/ha
• Moisture content: below 8%

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