Harvest 09: Finished near Bristol

Chris Vowles finished combining at Freemans Farm, Barrow Gurney, Bristol, yesterday (14 September), after five days of non-stop combining.

His Waggon spring barley proved extremely variable, ranging from just 2.5t/ha (1t/acre) to 5t/ha (2t/acre).

The dry spring was to blame, with crops on the lighter land suffering, while those on heavier soil performed better, he said.

“It was a really nice barley and I’m going to grow it again.”

With conditions so wet last autumn Mr Vowles never drilled any winter wheat. “And with prices where they are there’s no great deal in growing cereals.”

He was now busy bringing in straw bales before starting the autumn sowing. “It’s very dry here now – we actually need some rain to get the winter crops growing.”

Most people had finished harvest in the area, except those frustrated by breakdowns, he added.

Crop: Spring barley
Variety: Waggon
Yield: 2.5-5t/ha (1-2t/acre)

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