Harvest 09: Wheat disappoints in Kent

Richard Baker made a start on his winter wheat at Walnut Tree Farm, Rochester, Kent, over the weekend, and is back on again today (3 August).

“We did one round on Saturday and then it rained until midnight.” When he started combining this morning the moisture content was 18%, but by mid-afternoon that had fallen to 16.8%.

“Wheat yields are down by about 0.5t/acre (1.2t/ha),” he said. So far the 12ha (30 acres) of Hereward had only averaged 7.4t/ha (3t/acre), due to drought in the spring.

Mr Baker had also cut 50ha (120 acres) of Ragtime peas, which yielded a reasonable 3.7t/ha (1.5t/acre).

Many farmers had now made a start on winter wheat in the region, with yields proving disappointing so far, he added.

Crop: Winter wheat
Variety: Hereward
Area: 12ha (30 acres)
Yield: 7.4t/ha (3t/acre)

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