Harvest almost finished at St Osyth

Guy Smith has just about finished this year’s harvest at Wigborowick Farm, St Osyth, Essex, and is pleased to be well ahead of schedule. 

“We started cutting the wheat a fortnight earlier than usual and finished on 13 August which is a record for us,” he said.

The 202ha of Crusoe, Gallant and Cordiale winter wheat yielded around 10-15% higher than average, with Crusoe the star performer of the year.

Although yields and bushel weights were good, protein levels were slightly down in comparison to other years.

“Unfortunately we also had to write off 40ha of the crop due to blackgrass which was hugely disappointing,” said Mr Smith. “Outside of this we’re very pleased.” 

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Expower winter oilseed rape yielded around average for the farm.

“We’ve got oilseed rape in the ground ready for next year but it’s less than we put in last year.”

Mr Smith still had winter and spring beans left to cut, as well as some linseed which wasn’t quite ready.

“We’re nearly there but not technically over the line yet,” he said. “It’s been a good year when looking at the combine meter, but a bad year when talking to the grain merchant.”

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