Harvest Highlights – Catching up in Hertfordshire

The good weather was allowing Mark Moule, combining for Robert Law of Thrift Farm, Royston, to catch up with combining. He hoped to finish 40ha of Gerald winter oats today.

In total, the farm had 200ha of oats to harvest on light loamy chalk land. Yields so far averaged around 7t/ha at 16% moisture content, he said. “We’ll dry down to 14.5%.”

He also had 80ha of Reglone (diquat) desiccated Zero4 peas, and 40ha of Hobson oilseed rape to combine. He expected oilseed rape yields to be down from last year.

Winter wheat was ripening well, he added. Harvesting of the 480-560ha was expected to start within a fortnight.

Progress this year was 280ha down on last year, he said. “But we should be able to catch up within a week with good weather. We’ll hang in there, get people in the right places and we’ll get there,” he said.

• Crop: Winter Oats
• Variety: Gerald
• Area: 200ha
• Yield: 7 t/ha (so far)
• Moisture contents: 16% (cut)

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