Harvest Highlights: Fears for Hagbergs

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GROWERS ARE are becoming increasingly worried about how Hagbergs will hold up as rain sweeps the country today (Aug 19). While progress is ahead of this time last year in the south and east, many are concerned for quality of remaining crops.

Dalgety’s National seed business manager, Barry Barker said Hagbergs are ranging from the low 100s to 400, which has resulted in some mill deductions. He said some fields are looking grubby and he expects crops to be very fit after the rain this weekend (Aug 20-21).

Hampshire farmer Stephen Horn said rain has caused him to grind to a “frustrating” halt. He said 20ha of Hereward had been disappointing with Hagbergs of 120. ”Quality was totally shot from the rain, Hagbergs have totally gone.”

With 15-20% of wheat left to be cut, progress is slightly ahead of last year, said Hampshire Grain Co-op’s Mike Clay. But he added: “It wouldn’t surprise me if this rain affects Hagbergs as I can’t see farmers cutting for a couple of days now.”

John Duffy, Trading Director for Frontier Agriculture, said overall pre-rain wheat quality is fine, but warns that rain this weekend (Aug 20-21) could potentially affect crops: “They’re all ripe, so quality can only get worse from the rain.”

Similar fears were echoed by James Ross from Robin Appel merchants. He said that despite harvest progress being slightly ahead of last year in the south, it is “inevitable” this rain will affect the Hagberg of remaining wheat.

In Lincolnshire, one field of James Lunn’s Consort wheat has already gone down and quality of the rest of his crop will soon be affected if there is much more rain.

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