Harvest Highlights – Impatience grows in Kent

Like many farmers, Robert Shove of Lillychurch Farm, Lower Higham in Kent is fast becoming impatient with the lack of progress of this year’s harvest. 

So far, he has managed to cut around 50ha of ES Astrid, Excel and NK Grace oilseed rape. Yields were between 2.3t/ha and 3.9t/ha, he estimated.

He was pleased moisture content was 9% following desiccation about two weeks ago, however he wanted to cut the remainder of his crop at similar moisture levels. “It’s just too green at present,” he said.
Although Mr Shove said he was probably just being impatient, he also didn’t want to pay the penalty for harvesting wet crop, so would wait and dodge any showers before making further progress.

But he wanted to combine as quickly as possible to prevent any losses.

Crop: Oilseed rape
Varieties: ES Astrid, Excel, NK Grace
Area: 50ha
Yield: 2.3-3.9t/ha
Moisture: 9%

*Harvest highlights 2007 is sponsored by RAGT

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