Harvest Highlights: Milling wheat quality holds up in East

Almost three quarters of Camgrain’s Group 1 milling wheat was now in, reported Philip Darke.


While yields appeared average, quality was good, averaging 12.8% protein, 79 kg/hl specific weight and 270 Hagberg. 


He thought a combination of poor establishment and the drought April were responsible for the any yield losses


In contrast to the west, Will Hemus at his farm near Nuneaton, Warks had just begun combining 24ha (60acres) of Malacca winter wheat today. He expected yields of 8t/ha, down a tonne on last year.


He had finished 27ha (67.5 acres) of Solstice first wheat for seed at Wheatcroft Farm which gave 8 t/ha (3.2t/acre) at 13-14.5% moisture.


Further north Farmer Focus writer Ian Green hoped to begin his 92ha (230 acres) of still green winter wheat (including Robigus and Riband) within three weeks time.


He had 80ha (200 acres) winter barley cut including Boost, Colossus, and Saffron. The first two hybrids yielded 7.75-8 t/ha (3.1-3.2 t/acre) dry. He had problems with green barley straws when combining and said wet weather had been to blame.


When commenting on progress He said: “So far it’s been a stop start season, weather-wise, I’ve given up looking at the forecast.”


Also to the north was Keith Snowball who had 48ha (120 acres) of wheat to cut, currently at 14.7% moisture content.


He intended to begin the wheat this afternoon.


On the harvest he said: “It’s progressed very well considering early weather conditions. But with prices we’re in un-chartered waters and everyone’s tearing their hair out to get crops sold when prices are highest.”


“Prices are just shooting up” he added.



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