Harvest Highlights: Rain delay fears mount

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High moisture contents and recent wet weather are raising fears that the quality of wheats not yet harvested could start to be affected.

Things were not going well for Anthony Morbey in Cambridgeshire because it was “a bit too wet”. Yields so far have been average, but he is worried the heavy rain will affect the quality of wheats not yet cut.

Wiltshire farmer David Hues was at a standstill today (July 27) after rain raised moisture levels to 18% in the oilseed rape. This standstill was causing concern as the crops would all be ready at the same time when the rain stopped.

Fourteen percent moisture levels meant oilseed rape was also too wet to cut for Duncan Whiteman in Shropshire. He was waiting for the moisture to drop below 12% so he would not need to dry the crop using expensive fuel.

For the first time in 15 years Oliver Walston could not fulfill the wheat contract because the crop was too wet. Harvest was going very slowly as the rape was still very green. Normally the oilseed rape harvest has finished by now, he said.

James Chamberlain in Derbyshire complained the current wet weather had come too late for his crops. He said: “We don’t want this rain now.” But he said the quality of Bravour and Fortis winter barley was pleasing given very little rainfall earlier this season.

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