Harvest Highlights: Rain stops below average winter wheat harvest

Wheat growers have been frustrated by today’s rainfall, which brought harvest to a halt across most areas of the country.


However, many having a good run so far, hoped to restart in a couple of days.


After completing 75% of his wheat harvest, Brian Shaw of Barton Hill Farm, Lilley, Luton, Bedfordshire,


He said: “We’ve had a good run so far and now we’re ahead.”


He hoped for sunny weather on Thursday, hoping to finish winter wheat within just four to five working days. 


Ray Coates of Croft Farm, Newton Harcourt, Leics was also pleased with overall progress.


”The sunshine has really made a difference,” he said.


Also pleased with progress was Clinton Dunmore of Souldrop, north Bedfordshire.


With wheat finished he was preparing to start ploughing. 


“We’re well forward, with prices up,” he said.


His 100ha (250acres) of Hereward yielded 8.75 t/ha (3.5 t/acre), with 14.5% protein and 270 Hagberg.


Similarly rain had stalled combining at James Chamberlain’s Glebe Farm in Derbyshire. He only needs three to four more working days to complete the crop.


“We’ve been fortunate not to have missed an opportunity yet and we will carry on when the going gets good,” he said.


He had cut a third of his 180ha (450 acres) of Solstice. So far it had yielded about 8.25 t/ha (3.3 t/acre).


Jason Armsby was waiting to finish off 200 ha (500 acres) of Alchemy, Gladiator and Soissons winter wheat, around the Kings Lynn area, Norfolk.


He also reckoned it would take four days work given good weather.


Although rain arrived today, he said harvesting had gone well and was ahead of last year.



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