Harvest Highlights: Scots osr suffering

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Oilseed rape yields in Scotland have been hit by wet weather earlier in the year and are below average in many areas, according to growers.

Scottish farmer Nick Davidson said oilseed rape had been affected by clubroot and late frost damage after having flowered for a long period. He said this has caused yields to be 0.6t/ha down on normal, and has drilled 8ha less for next season.

Edinburgh farmer Sandy Alison also said oilseed rape yields have been variable after late frosts. But wheat is looking better, he said. He started cutting Consort yesterday (Aug 22) with yields of 10.5 – 14.5t/ha.

Elsewhere in the country, despite recent rain putting a stop to combining, results are more pleasing.

Jo Scott in Warwickshire said this has been the best wheat harvest he could have asked for, having finished cutting wheat on August 17. Yields were up on last year, and quality met full milling specification with 13% protein and 300 – 360 Hagbergs.

But with half his wheat still to cut, Anthony Morbey in Cambridgeshire has been stopped by rain since Friday (Aug 19). Despite group two wheats cut last week meeting specification, he is worried Hagbergs of remaining quality wheats are “drifting away”.

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