Harvest Highlights – Some combines rolling again

Some combines were on the move again today [27 July] in bright and breezy weather across much of the country. But other farmers were waiting either for crops to dry out following yesterday’s heavy rain in parts, or for crops to become fit.

The weather forecast for the weekend promised some opportunity of cutting on Saturday, but warned of more heavy rain in parts of the south during Saturday evening.

Norfolk grower, Simon Dann, was one of those cutting today – he’d just started combining 25ha of Castille oilseed rape when Harvest Highlights caught him this afternoon.

Jason Butler, from Farnham in Surrey was also planning to combine Castille oilseed rape today. But this morning he was kicking his heels, and watching the sky.”

He had managed to cut 45ha of ES Astrid earlier in the week that had yielded 4.4t/ha.

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Further north Carl Tuer from Alnick in Northumberland doubted any progress would be made with his Pearl winter barley today. An earlier moisture test indicated the crop was at 25% moisture.

Other growers had managed to finish oilseed rape and / or winter barley harvest, and were waiting for wheat crops to dry out or ripen.

Brian Horsfield of Great Wilbraham, Cambridgeshire had finished cutting the last of 60ha of Castille oilseed rape yesterday. Average yields were 3t/ha, although the crop varied between 1-4t/ha. He expected to cut winter wheat next week – moisture content tested today at 18.5%.

Similarly Peter Mead from Foxton, Cambridgeshire had also finished Carat winter barley, and was now waiting for wheat and oats to be ready for cutting.

The Met Office is forecasting Saturday [28 July] to be generally dry across England, Wales and Northern Ireland, although parts of Scotland could see some more rain.

But weather warnings have been issued for yet more heavy rain pushing eastwards on Saturday evening through Wales, the west country and into the western part of the Thames Valley, a Met Office forecaster told FWi. “There is the risk of up to 25-30mm of heavy rain in places.”

Northern England will also see some rain in that period, he said. “But only 3-5mm, with up to 10mm over the hills.”

Rain would clear away during Sunday to leave a generally dry day.

The forecaster was “moderately confident” of drier conditions, in general, next week. “There is a glimmer of hope,” he said, with high pressure building on Monday and Tuesday.

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