Harvest Highlights – Yorkshire contractor sits in combine watching the rain come down

I’m sat in the field in the combine waiting for the rain to stop, Chris Smith, a contractor in Yorkshire told Harvest Highlights today.


It was dry two miles down the road, he said.


He had managed to combine Kalif and Lioness oilseed rape for two hours yesterday before rain arrived. But moisture content was 20%, although after being caught out by rain last year he preferred to cut it wet than risk losing yield.


However, some Saffron winter barley on the farm stood in water.


Robigus wheat was standing reasonably well. But elsewhere some crops looked “like a battlefield.” He blamed much of the lodging on rotten roots from water-logging. “We’ve only had three dry days in the past six weeks.


“We’ve just got to keep plodding on and keep smiling. That’s all we can do.”



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