Harvest roundup: Catchy weather continues

Torrential rain continues to batter some parts of the UK, while in other areas combines continue to roll.

In Yorkshire, harvest had been rained off at Corpselanding Holme Farm, Hutton Cranswick, but Richard Wilkinson was celebrating a record wheat crop.

“We cut our first field of wheat on Wednesday (24 August), and it came off at 14.88t/ha (6.02t/acre) dried weight.”

The Viscount was sown in mid-September, the first cereal after at least 25 years of grass. “That’s obviously where the fertility has come from.”

Innes McEwan had almost finished harvest at Jealott’s Hill Farm, Bracknell, Berkshire, but hadn’t been able to combine for the past four days.

“We’ve only got 8ha (20 acres) left, which is a frustrating amount,” he said.

Gallant first wheat had been very good, yielding 9.4t/ha (3.75t/acre) with decent milling quality, but the feed wheats had been mixed.

In Fife, Andrew Peddie had finished combining winter barley and oilseed rape at Cornceres Farm, Anstruther, and hoped to clear up the peas today (26 August).

“It’s been a very catchy harvest, and the peas have been a complete disaster,” he said.

Although they had looked very good, five inches of rain decimated the crop two weeks ago as it was dying off.

“It all went down and the pods have opened; it’s been very difficult to combine and has only yielded 1.85t/ha (0.75t/acre).”

On the other side of the Forth, Sandy Allison had finished combining oilseed rape at Turnhouse Farm, Edinburgh, but was rained off shortly after starting wheat four or five days ago.

“There are flash floods in mid-Lothian today but we’ve only had 3mm here, so could be back on combining again tomorrow if it stays dry.”

So far he had cut 10% of his wheat at between 16% and 27% moisture, and was happy with yields to date.

On the international front, Russian wheat exports continue apace, with Egypt buying another 240,000t at about a $20/t (£12/t) discount to French wheat.

“Recent hiking prices in Russia could lead to export tariffs, should business remain strong,” said a report by Agritel.

Russia would also be in the maize export market this year, with 5.8-6m tonnes of corn likely to be harvested, against consumption of about 3.5m tonnes.

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