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Timing is critical for deciding when to desiccate oilseed rape crops in the run up to harvest. See advice on spray rates for glyphosate and intervals between spraying and harvest to avoid pod shatter and resulting yield loss. Make sure you’re spot on to make your combining work well.

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Tips on desiccating potato crops without diquat

Potato growers are being urged to explore alternative methods of potato haulm destruction this autumn, in case desiccant diquat does not pass through the EU re-registration process next year. The…


Hybrid oilseed rape varieties need later desiccation

Oilseed rape desiccation using glyphosate for modern hybrid varieties should be timed later than that used in the past for traditional conventional varieties. Barrie Hunt, Monsanto’s technical specialist for its…


Tips on when to desiccate your oilseed rape crop

Assessing when to desiccate oilseed rape crops is critical in maximising yields and achieving effective desiccation prior to harvest. This is especially important given that timings may differ several days…

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Crop Watch: Learning disease lessons as harvest kicks off

Harvest has already arrived for some winter barley crops on light land and our agronomists are looking at the lessons for next season. One factor that our agronomist agree on…


Harvest 2018: Peas under way, with barley to be cut in days

The vining pea harvest has kicked off, with viners busy in Lincolnshire.  This week's heatwave also means the barley harvest is only a few days away, with farmers across the…

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