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Make sure you are harvesting a good crop and that it retains quality by drying quickly. See advice on getting the moisture levels right and your grain is clean so you can provide your grain trader with a quality sample. See how to on setting up your drier to be able to store your crop safely.

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Why fusarium risk is rising in wheat and how to manage it

With rising incidence of fusarium ear blight and changes to mycotoxin legal limits on the horizon, experts are advising wheat growers to adopt a more water-tight, integrated approach to minimising…

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Harvest 2018: The 5 top-yielding winter oilseed rape varieties

Throughout the harvest season we will be updating this handy map with the latest data from this year’s AHDB oilseed rape Recommended List 2018 harvest results. Use the map below…

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Harvest 2018: Spring beans still some weeks off

Harvest is in the final throes across northern England and Scotland, with winter wheat and spring barley almost wrapped up. However, spring bean crops are still a few weeks off…


Harvest 2018: Late-cut cereals yield well on east coast

The end is in sight for the Scottish harvest, with spring barley continuing to disappoint in terms of yield, although quality remains strong. In East Anglia harvest has restarted for…


Harvest 2018: UK's most northerly barley field cut

Spring barley is generally yielding better than expected in Scotland with reports of good samples and straw quality.  However, winter barley and winter wheat is more of a mixed picture…


Harvest 2018: Rain delays and awn problems in the North

Wet changeable weather is frustrating harvest efforts in Scotland not helped by problems with spring barley not threshing easily from the awns. Areas of spring barley, winter wheat and spring…

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Video: Yields down but quality also a worry for spring crops

Delayed drilling due to the wet spring and an early harvest have combined to take their toll on both the yield and quality of one Essex grower’s 480ha of spring…

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