Harvest 2019: 96% of cereals and rapeseed combined

The British cereal and oilseed rape harvest is now 96% complete, with only 145,000ha left to cut, mostly in Scotland and mainly of spring barley, winter wheat and oats.

Some 3.5m hectares of cereals and oilseed rape had been harvested by Tuesday 10 September, the AHDB said in its report prepared by crop consultant Adas.

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Some 97% of wheat has been harvested, or 1.8m hectares, with the average yield estimated at 8.8-9.0t/ha, a 6-8% rise on the five-year average of 8.3t/ha

Quality has been good, with specific weights averaging 76kg/hl with a range of 70-80kg/hl. Hagbergs have held up well with only the occasional reports of particularly low values on late-harvested wheat. Hagbergs on Group 1 and 2 milling wheat have averaged well over 300. Group 1 and 2 milling wheat proteins have averaged 12-13%.

Winter barley

Harvest is complete with average yields of 7.4-7.6t/ha, a 5-8% increase on the five-year average of 7.0t/ha. Specific weights average 65-66kg/hl, with a range of 63-69kg/hl. Grain nitrogen for malting varieties averaged 1.6%, with a range of 1.5-1.7%

Spring barley

Harvest is 90% complete, with the largest remaining areas in the north-west and north-east of England and also Scotland, which together have a combined area of 69,000ha left to cut.

The current average yield is 5.6-5.9t/ha, a slight increase on the five-year average of 5.6t/ha. Quality is generally good, with specific weight averaging 63-65kg/hl with a range of 58-68kg/hl. Grain nitrogen for malting varieties average 1.6%, with a range of 1.5-1.7%.


Some 87% of the oat crop is now harvested, with spring oats making up the majority of remaining area to cut, largely in Yorkshire and Scotland.

 Average yield is 5.4-5.6t/ha, slightly below the five-year average of 5.6t/ha. Specific weight average 52kg/hl, with a range of 40-54kg/hl.

Winter oilseed rape

Harvest is complete, with an average yield of 3.2-3.5t/ha, just below the five-year average of 3.5t/ha. The majority of crops harvested in the South and East had lower than normal oil content. However, late-harvested crops in the North had slightly better oil content of up to 47%. The overall oil content average is 44%, with a  range of 40-47%.


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