Harvesting spring beans in Yorkshire

David Hinchliffe is busy combining spring beans at Bank House Farm, Goole, Yorkshire, today (9 September), leaving just 38ha left to cut.

“We’re not quite halfway through the Fuego spring beans and they’re doing quite well,” he said. “They’re probably averaging nicely over 6t/ha.”

Wizard winter beans, cut last week, also did well, at 5.5-5.8t/ha. “We have good bean soil here – they usually do alright.”

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First and second wheats averaged 10t/ha across 340ha, which was very pleasing, said Mr Hinchliffe.

“Some of the first wheats flattered to deceive slightly but then some of the second wheats were particularly good.”

Grafton and Relay stood out as the best crops, with Relay not too far behind, he added.

Although there were a few fields of wheat and beans left to harvest in the area, most people were now finishing up. “It’s been a frustrating season, but everyone’s concentrating on cultivations now,” said Mr Hinchliffe.

“A lot of the oilseed rape is sown and up, but slugs are a problem. We had to redrill 28ha this morning – we could have done without that.”

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