Pulse growers are being encouraged to take part in an online survey to direct future research into their crops.

Addressing PGRO members, new chief executive Salvador Potter acknowledges that their contribution to support its research activities is voluntary.

“We are committed to review the future strategy of the organisation and to align it closely with that of its membership,” he says.
“The urgency of this review is further underlined by the reducing pulse acreage and the weather related problems which are placing particular pressure on the UK (and European) vining pea industry.
“PGRO is very well connected with a wide range of the essential activities of the pulse industry from breeding, through production and processing.

“We respect your privacy, so the questionnaire is completely confidential, but if you wish, you may enter your name, company and email- address details.”
The information will be used for internal discussion only, he stresses.

To take part visit www.pgro.org

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