HGCA offers quality tours

FEEDBACK FROM millers on new wheat varieties will be combined with agronomic advice for visitors to the Recommended List trial plots at Cereals 2004.

Millers will join Cereals Evaluation Limited staff carrying out half hour tours of the plots on the Home-Grown Cereals Authority stand.

“It gives growers the opportunity to hear both the miller‘s view of a particular variety along with how they have performed in RL trials,” said CEL Lists manager Jim McVittie.

“We ran it for the first time last year and it proved very popular.”

RL contractors, who have managed the plots, from NIAB and The Arable Group will also be on hand to discuss the attributes of newcomers to the list and those still in evaluation.

“There are plots of the new contenders – both treated and untreated – so growers can see for themselves how they perform,” said Mr McVittie.

But those looking for quality from the RL potentials will be disappointed, he added.

“Defender from PBIC is the only potential quality variety, although there are some very high-yielding feed varieties coming through.”

The new Recommended List software, RL Plus, will also be demonstrated on the stand.

HGCA stand: 510 and 513

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