HGCA Recommended List preview: Spring barley

Crops asks variety experts which spring barley candidates are likely to make the 2008 HGCA Recommended List


  • Azalea, Belgravia, Fairytale, Knightsbridge, Jolika, Maltby, Scout, Snakebite and Sweeney

None of the nine possible additions, eight with malting potential, appeals greatly to our commentators in what Mr Stephenson describes as an already congested market.

“There are a lot of good malting varieties already on the list, and we probably need a period of stability for the market to get used to them,” says Mr Fenwick.”We don’t need any more unless they have specific attributes.”

All the newcomers, including the sole feed-only contender, Scout, yield less than Quench, he points out.

Scout’s weakness against rhynchosporium means it might not be a good choice for the west, adds Mr Williams.

Belgravia and Knightsbridge might find a slot for distilling, Mr Fenwick believes, and Mr Cotton says Snakebite seems similar to industry standard Tipple in terms of malting potential, standing ability and brackling resistance. “But the grain quality information is currently not to hand.”

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