HGCA yield trials confirm OSR pecking order

Early harvest results for the HGCA Recommended List trials in the east and west region are close to the four year average, with no change in the pecking order at the top.

Gross output, which is the seed yield adjusted for oil content, came in at 5.37t/ha this season compared with 5.41t/ha from an average over the last four years, says HGCA senior researcher and knowledge transfer manager Simon Oxley.

These early results were based on seven sites in Shropshire, Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire, Herefordshire, Oxfordshire, Suffolk and Hampshire, and he says outputs were surprisingly good given the poor winter and spring weather.

With harvesting in full swing around the country, yields reported have been generally reasonable, but these are likely to be the better crops, while thin and backward fields are still to cut.

Two varieties top the list in terms of gross output at 106%: Pioneer’s hybrid PT211 and KWS’s Quartz. Following these are Marathon and Sesame at 105%, then Avatar and Compass at 103%.

However, Dr Oxley points out that the four-year averages provide a more balanced value when looking at variety performance this season.

“The restored hybrid varieties; PR46W21, Marathon and PT211 which are the top-yielding varieties on the current HGCA Recommended List continue to hold their position. Both Marathon and PT211 have also done well in 2013 compared with their four-year average values.”

Looking at the new candidate varieties, Trinity (108%), Incentive (107%), Charger (105%) and Ginfizz (104%) have performed well in 2013, as well as having good four-year average figures.

Looking at winter barley, more trial results are in and the treated mean now stands at 8.46t/ha, below the five year average of 8.73t/ha. Of the varieties on the HGCA Recommended List, the two row feed varieties Retriever (108%) and KWS Glacier (107%) and the six-row hybrid Volume (106%) have yielded well across the seven sites.

Harlequin and tetris are also having a good season with yields of 108% and 107%, respectively.

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