HGCA yields 1t/ha above average

Wheat yields from HGCA Recommended List trials are 1.5t/ha above the five-year average, at 11.53t/ha, with first wheats in Leicestershire averaging 13.73t/ha.

Provisional results put the hard wheat Evolution at the top of the yield list for 2014, yielding 105% of the control varieties.

“Soft feed varieties which performed well include Leeds (104%) and Panacea (104%),” said recommended list manager Simon Oxley.

However, the five-year average figures were more meaningful when looking at performance, and all of the above varieties had decent 2014 and over-season average figures.

“Quality wheats are best judged on quality and market requirements, but on the basis of yield, the provisional Group one variety Skyfall has had an exceptional year with a yield of 103% (102% five-year average).

“The Group two variety Cubanita achieved 100% in 2014 (101% five-year average). Panorama has had a good year at 104%, with the five-year average yield 100%.”

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Group three biscuit wheat Icon achieved 103% in 2014 (102% five-year average), with Zulu at 102% for both 2014 and overall.

Promising candidate varieties included the hard feed variety Reflection with 106%, Jorvick at 104% and the potential bread making variety KWS Lili at 105%.

Spring barley yields were currently averaging 8.24t/ha – just over 1t/ha above the five-year average, said Dr Oxley.

“The provisionally approved brewing variety Sanette yielded 108% of the control varieties in 2014 (107% five-year average) while KWS Irina achieved 109% in 2014 and 107% in the five-year average.”

Odyssey yielded 102%, with Concerto at 98% and Propino at 102%, with all matching that performance over five years.

“The feed variety Shada has a 2014 yield of 108% (107% five-year average).”


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