High hopes for harvest near Hull

Richard Beachell hopes to start harvesting oilseed rape at Field House Farm, Bainton, Humberside, on Wednesday (23 July), and is reasonably optimistic about yields.

“There’s quite a lot of insect damage in the oilseed rape, but they are good bulky crops,” he said.

“We had 22mm of rain over the weekend – but no hail, so it hasn’t done any damage. We’re just waiting for some nice fine weather so we can get started.”

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This year Mr Beachell was growing Compass and Incentive oilseed rape, and Venture winter barley.

“The barley isn’t ready yet – we’ll probably have three days combining oilseed rape and then move into the barley at the weekend,” he said.

“There’s been a little bit of barley cut around here and I’ve heard that some of the earlier crops have been quite low in bushel weight.

“However, I’ve rubbed out some of our barley and it looks alright.”

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