Hovis ‘cropumentary’ promotes switch to British wheat

A film featuring farmers will highlight a major miller’s switch to 100% British wheat.

Hovis has made a milestone change to its entire domestic product range by switching over to flour milled from 100% British wheat.

It is believed to be the first major British bread brand to make such a change.

“Hovis used to import £18m of Canadian wheat, £18m which will now go to British farmers, said marketing director Jon Goldstone.

“This is a significant amount of cash.”

To promote the move, the company has made a film featuring some of the 600 British growers that produce its premium red wheats.

It can be viewed here.

Hovis spent five years working with British farmers to ensure the wheat they grow meets the firm’s strict quality standards.

One of those farmers is Josh Stratton, a partner at JM Stratton farms, a Wiltshire business specialising in seed, wheat and barley.

Mr Stratton said: “As we had never grown red wheat before I was nervous, but the fact that this programme was being led by Hovis allayed my concerns.

“I knew this project was supported by several years of research and substantial financial backing so I decided to join the programme and be a part of history.”

Working closely with experts at Hovis, Mr Stratton’s farmers successfully grew 60ha (150 acres) of Red wheat.

He plans to continue growing Red wheat for Hovis over the next year.

“I have now achieved one of my life’s ambitions – to work with a renowned and respected brand and also have the added benefit of seeing exactly where my wheat is being used.”

NFU president Peter Kendall said it was fantastic news that Hovis has committed to source 100% of its wheat from Britain.

“This shows real support and commitment to UK farming and its skill, professionalism and reliability, by a well-known and respected UK company.”

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