Into the final 25% of harvest in Lincs

David Pridgeon still has a lot left to harvest at Willow Farm, Skegness, Lincolnshire, after being plagued by sea mists and rain.

“We seem to have caught every shower going – farmers down the East coast have all been suffering a bit,” he said.

With the days getting shorter, moisture contents were remaining stubbornly high. “We are cutting spring wheat at the moment, and when we started combining at midday it was 20% moisture.”

As well as 100ha of spring wheat to cut, Mr Pridgeon still had 20ha of Crusoe winter wheat. “It wasn’t particularly fit, so although I haven’t looked at it recently I think it should be okay – it’s still standing.”

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The spring wheat, however, had lodged, so Mr Pridgeon was cutting the worst of that first. “It’s Canadian hard red wheat so I’m hoping the milling quality is still alright. It’s not sprouting or shedding, and it’s not particularly late for spring wheat yet.”

Yields had been very good, although bushel weights were on the low side at 74-75kg/hl. “I think the Gallant yielded 10t/ha and had good protein – the Cordiale was at 14% so it should fetch a decent premium,” he added.

“I think we over-fed it, which is why it went a bit flat.”

Farmers in the area still had about a quarter of their harvest left to finish, said Mr Pridgeon. “There are some quite big areas of wheat still to do, and more than that left further north.

“This is our first dry day following 20 days of rain to some degree or another.”