Just winter wheat left at Hutton Cranswick

Richard Wilkinson has sold the last of this year’s winter barley at Corpselanding Holme Farm, Hutton Cranswick, Yorkshire, with only the winter wheat harvest left to go.

The 12ha of Cassia winter barley yielded a highly respectable 9.9t/ha, coming off the field at 14.5% moisture.

Crop facts

  • Crop: Winter barley
  • Variety: Cassia
  • Area: 12ha
  • Yield: 9.9t/ha

“We’ve just sold the last of it and it’s not been too bad at all,” Mr Wilkinson said. “The sample was good, with high bushel weight and good quality straw.” 

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Although disease was a high threat with this year’s weather conditions, spraying had been kept well on schedule, resulting in no problems.

Mr Wilkinson was now waiting to get the combine moving again, to begin the 25ha of winter wheat.

“We put in 8ha of Kielder and the rest is JB Diego, which is looking quite promising,” he said.

“It wasn’t ready before the weather changed over the weekend, but the break looks to have done it some good and we’re hoping to get into it next week, or even at the weekend.”


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