Kent harvest finishes well

Johnathan Tipples had finished harvest at Reed Court Farm in Kent. “We started oilseed rape early on and just kept going. We munched the lot and now it’s all in the shed.”
Einstein wheat did very well yielding 7.5t/ha (3t/ac) on the second wheats to over 10t/ha (4t/ac) on better crops. The average was 9.55t/ha (3.82t/ac) which was better than last year’s average of 9t/ha (3.6t/ac).

Quality was “fantastic” with high bushel weights of over 80kg/hl, and high protein levels and Hagbergs.

“There is abundance in milling wheat. What the millers have said about there being fewer crops so putting the price up is rubbish as there is ample wheat.”

Mr Tipples said many in the area had finished harvest, with only the very big farms still cutting.

He added: “Harvest was not very difficult this year. We’re now just fighting to drill Expert oilseed rape into the hard ground.”

• Crop: Winter wheat
• Variety: Einstein
• Area: 160ha (400ac)
• Yield: Average 9.55t/ha (3.82t/ac)
• Quality: Bushel weight over 80kg/hl, High protein and Hagbergs


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