Late start in Scotland

Wet weather continues to delay harvest in Scotland, with many farmers still waiting to make a start.

Colin Mcgregor was ready to begin combining near Coldstream, Berwickshire, but remained on standby due to continued showers.

He had 50ha of winter barley about ready to cut, ahead of 574ha of rapeseed, 1417ha of winter wheat and 38ha of spring barley.

Just south of the border, James Douglas had managed to make a start at West Ancroft, cutting 10ha of Volume winter barley on Sunday (29 July).

“We managed to cut a little bit on Tuesday (31 July) at about 18% but we’ve been rained off ever since,” he said.

With 70ha of Pearl ready to cut followed by 55ha of Cassata, he hoped to get on again over the weekend.

“We’ve managed to get about 9.3t/ha so far on the winter barley, but bushelweights have been poor at about 60 to 62kg/hl, because the crop hasn’t filled very well.”

While Mr Douglas remained confident on yield, disease pressures had left him worried about quality, with questionable malting grades despite having a robust spray programme.

Crop: Winter Barley
Variety: Volume
Area: 10ha
Yield: 9.3t/ha

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