Lincs oilseed rape yields fail to impress

Robert Naylor of Uffington, Stamford completed 6ha of oilseed rape last night and did 10ha of Astrid oilseed rape today. He still had 16ha more of Castille and Astrid to finish.

“Yields are not looking wonderful this year – we’ve just got to wait and see though,” he said.

He was yet to start on his winter oats and his early wheat and the constant starting and stopping was frustrating.

Mr Naylor said his winter barley had suffered from secondary tillering, but it did not look too bad. “At least the market price is up for it.”

He added: “The harvest will be alright, but it’s disappointing the weather is against us.”

  • Crop: Oilseed rape
  • Area total: 32ha
  • Varieties: Castille, ES Astrid
  • Area cut: 16ha
  • Quality: looks ok

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