Longer-lasting residual control for maize weeds

A new pre-emergence herbicide from Syngenta will give maize growers longer-lasting residual control of key weeds that threaten crop establishment and yields.

New Dual Gold has been shown to give up to four weeks additional activity against Black Nightshade and Barnyard Grass, compared with flufanocet, as well as outstanding results in Fat Hen control programmes, says Syngenta.

Independent trials showed Dual Gold was giving 100% control of Mayweed, 65 days after application, despite difficult conditions.

Trials have also shown that Dual Gold was still achieving more than 80% control of Black Nightshade seedlings four weeks after application, a full two weeks after control with flufanocet had fallen to 20%.

Dual gold is a significantly stronger option for grass weed control and can give longer-lasting results, says Nick Watson, Syngenta maize manager.

“For field with low grass and annual weed pressure or for late drilling, Dual Gold should be used alone at a rate of 1.4l/ha.”

And where crops are being drilled early or there is a high historical weed pressure with Black Bindweed or Fat Hen, a combination of Dual Gold at 1.0l/ha and pendamethalin at 2-3l/ha gives outstanding results and is highly cost-effective, he says.