Looking forward to 2006

WITH THE New Year almost upon us, we look forward to 2006 and ask the Farmers Weekly Farmer Focus writers what their New Year resolutions will be. Here’s what they said.

• Steve Bumstead:  To play a full role in raising farming’s image and profile so far as encouraging the consuming public support through their wallet, willingness and damning current government attitude.

• Chris Harrold: My resolution for the New Year will be to keep my paper work up to date and the desk tidier (not much hope of that with more red tape on the horizon).

• James Stafford: My farming resolution is, to keep enjoying farming, the countryside and have as many days on the shooting field as the crops allow.

• Richard Ward: None – Farming does not pay enough to be able to afford any!

• Peter Hogg: Most people ignored speed limits until cameras were introduced. My New Year resolution is to ignore all new regulations until they install cameras into our farmyard — and to purchase an old, oil burning, atmosphere polluting, Massey Ferguson 1200 to play with instead of spending my time building bio-beds.

• Mark Ireland: In conjunction with the help I’m going to get from government, I am determined to feel at all times I am in control of all office paperwork which very rarely is the case at present!

• Hendrik Visser: Work less hard, think a little more, earn a bit more.

• Richard Crewe: To survive and keep up to speed with the IT revolution our son has brought with him to the farm.

• Matthew Dale: not to get out of bed in the morning unless I can see that there is a profit to be made in farming.

• David Greasby: To do less and less and earn more and more – and to actually get it the right way round for a change.

• Bill Davey: As one busy season rolls into another here in mid-Canterbury, I must make more of an effort to find the time to partake of a little more salmon fishing, especially as the Rakaia river runs along our farm boundary.

• John Jeffrey: As fatherhood beckons for the first time on Hogmany, all resolutions revolve around the impending. The main resolution is not to disappear to a meeting every time a nappy needs changed – I don’t think that one will last very long somehow!

• Mark McFerran: To achieve as much output as possible with as little input as possible.

• Simon Redfearn: Convince the business partners that ploughing the whole farm is outdated, too costly and unnecessary!

• Kevin Littleboy: To give up smoking, drinking, sex, eating meat and all things I like, driving over 20mph, light a fire filling out requests identifying my daily chores from No 10 Downing Street, so I become a model Labour citizen in the New World Nanny State of England.

• Andrew Peddie: Map out all electric poles before I takeover as relief combine driver.

See www.fwi.co.uk on Monday (2 January) to find out what the FF writers think the government should implement or abandon in the coming year and what they will be doing to protect the environment.

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