Low protein in Bucks

Colin Rayner from Windsor, Buckinghamshire, has been cutting Soissons winter wheat for 10 days. Yields averaged 8.5t/ha but protein was lower than previous years at 12.9%, which he said was down to insufficient rainfall.

Hereward yielded slightly better at 9t/ha and 15% moisture, but he said the bushel weight was low. Mr Rayner was surprised the crop had dried out quickly despite heavy rain. Yields were down on last year, but the quality looked better.

He was upset with wheat prices of £78/t and £1 per point taken off for low protein and screenings. “It’s disheartening that millers don’t work with us.”

Mr Rayner had not decided which crops to grow next year, but due to the Single Farm Payment (SFP) would not grow winter wheat again. He was also distressed at having spent a “frightening” £1600 on fuel over June and July.

  • Crop/Variety: Soissons wheat

  • Area: N/A

  • Yield: 8.5t/ha

  • Quality: 12.9% protein


  • Crop/Variety: Hereward wheat

  • Area: N/A

  • Yield: 9t/ha

  • Quality: N/A


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