Maize analysis indicates good dry matters and starch levels

Despite the wet weather, initial maize analysis is indicating good dry matters and starch levels according to David Bright’s Jack Torrens.

Speaking exclusively to Farmers Weekly at the Dairy Event and Livestock Show, Mr Torrens said he had been surprised at the initial results from forage maize harvested last week showing a dry matter of 33.52%, a starch content of 31.50% and NDF of 39.50%.

“These results are pleasantly surprising and the germination of the cob is better this year than last year. The maize crop is well established and a period of dry weather now will dry the crop further.”

And with dry matter of maize affecting palatability farmers must not rush into harvesting maize, said Mr Torrens.

“It is important farmers don’t rush into harvesting, they must wait until the dry matter is between 30-35% as starch levels are related to the dry matter of the crop, and below 30% DM you get acid fermentation, decreasing intake,” he said.

“And with different varieties of maize maturing at different stages, so as long as you are in no  hurry to plant a crop after maize, wait until the dry matter is at the correct level.”


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