Maize crops on target for 28% dry matter

Maize crops have continued to ripen and all sites should reach 28% by next week, predicts Grainseed technical manager, Neil Groom.

“We are aiming for 28% dry matter to ensure all the plant sugars are converted to starch in the grain and that we do not have any effluent loss from the clamp which could cause pollution as well as loss of the sugar.”

Mr Groom encourages producers not to rush harvesting. “It’s not the harvest date which matters, but crop maturity,” he says. “For those growers that have waited for full maturity will have good quality maize silage to feed through the winter.

“If you have good grass silage in the clamp then the winter feeding period will mean good production from forage, but delayed cuts of grass means silages are poorer this year and will need careful rationing to get production over the winter,” believes Mr Groom.

“If some fields are going to chop wetter, then cut these last so the drier material is at the bottom of the clamp and is able to absorb any effluent produced off the less mature fields. Any frosted crops will require a chemical additive to reduce spoilage in the clamps,” advices Mr Groom.

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