Malacca winter wheat in Warwickshire yields less

Will Hemus had just begun combining 24ha (60acres) of Malacca winter wheat today. At his farm near Nuneaton, Warks he expected yields of 8t/ha, down from last year’s 9 t/ha.


However he said, “prices look fantastic” and if it stayed dry he would complete it by the end of next week.


Mr Hemus said that the crop although, battered in some places, avoided the worst of the weather.


He had finished 27ha (67.5 acres) of Solstice first wheat for seed at Wheatcroft Farm (his farm) yielding 8.8 t/ha (3.2t/acre) at 13-14.5% moisture.


Mr Hemus was pleased to cut combinable Italian ryegrass despite expecting about 50% loss this year due to the wet.  He reckoned yields to lie within 0.6-0.7 t/ha (5-6 cwt/acre).


However it cut well and he added: “It was a pleasant surprise after getting stuck with oilseed rape”.


A few “islands” of oilseed rape still remained uncut on the farm.


Mr Hemus had 36ha (90 acres) of Syncro spring field beans not yet ready. They looked okay and he hoped to cut them by the end of this month.  


“At the moment green straws are frustrating, but I’m glad the weather is with us and if it stay’s, we’ll be fine. We’re making steady progress,” he said.


·        Crop: Winter wheat

o       Variety: Solstice

o       Area: 27ha (67.5 acres)

o       Yield: 8.8 t/ha (3.2t/acre)

o       Moisture: 13-14.5%



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