Match nutrients to grass growth

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As we enter the New Year, I’m sure there will be technological advancements that replace traditional methods, however there is one issue that still follows the same pattern – grass growth – writes Yara’s Mark Tucker.

Growing your grass ready for turnout is key to maximising the returns from it. One major factor is the application of essential nutrients at the right time and at the right rate to enhance the natural growth pattern of grass.

Calculating how much nitrogen you need is important, as oversupply can lead to poor quality grass, while undersupply will restrict dry matter production.

Also, do not forget P and K, as ensuring these are in adequate supply will help maximise the response to applied nitrogen.

Yara R & D over the years has shown the consistent relationship between grass growth over time and nitrogen demand which led to The Grassland Rule – 2 units/acre/day of expected growth.

The rule holds for both grazing and silage systems. Early spring growth can also be restricted by phosphate deficiency caused by either soil conditions (e.g. cold and compact) or low indices.

Again, R & D at Yara has shown the benefits of applying fresh phosphate on both low and high index sites. Using a product with a 5/6:1 ratio N:P:K such as Extragrass (27.5.5) will giev higher dry matter production.

As with all good fertiliser management, account must be taken of organisc manures utilised, and the product must be applied as accurately as possible, thus using Quality fertiliser is an essential ingedient in getting your grass off to a good start.

Happy New year from all at Yara and YaraPhosyn