New blight spray launched

POTATO GROWERS will have another blight control option next season, following the launch of a new product from Certis.

Valbon, contains the new compound benthiavalicarb, in combination with mancozeb and its dual activity reduces the potential for resistant strains of the blight pathogen occurring, the firm said.

The product has been in commercial use in Belgium and Holland during the 2005 season and it offers preventative, curative, translaminar and locally systemic activity, said the firm’s Peter Shakespeare.

“It prevents spores that land on the crop from germinating, and reduces the formation of new spores. The kickback action stops blight infection in the early stages and thirdly it penetrates the leaf where the active ingredient is locally redistributed within plant tissues.”

It also offers better rainfastness than competitor products, he added. In trials with 20mm of rainfall, seven days after treatment Valbon showed up to 14% less foliar infection than alternatives, he said.

Certis recommend it is used at 1.6kg/ha, with a spray interval of seven days and a maximum of six applications per crop.