New combine pleases near Bridgwater

Jeremy Walker has put the combine away for the year at Haddon Farm, Bridgwater, Somerset, and is up to speed getting next year’s crops in the ground.

“Our oilseed rape wasn’t too bad, although not as good as we had expected,” he said.

Crop facts

  • Crop: Winter wheat
  • Varieties: Diego and Horatio
  • Area: 200ha
  • Yield: 9.8t/ha

The 73ha of PT211 and PR46W21 yielded an average of 4.3t/ha, which was unfortunately down on last year’s 4.9t/ha.

“As the varieties have been okay, although not exceptional, we’ve continued with them for next year alongside Charger.”

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Cassia winter barley was good for the farm at around 8.6t/ha with an equally high bushel weight.  

Of the 200ha of winter wheat put through the combine, yields were variable although still to be confirmed over the weighbridge.

“JB Diego was the star performer at over 9.8t/ha which is great for us,” said Mr Walker. “We also cut a neighbour’s crop of Horatio which was very good. I think the area as a whole has seen high performing wheat.”

He had also been making the most of the new combine for the farm.

“We’ve had a new hillside combine which has made this year’s harvest much more pleasurable and with far fewer losses. It’s been nice not to have been hanging off the seat on the steep bits.”

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