New disease tool for stored spuds

WARE POTATO growers have a new option to control the main storage diseases.

BASF‘s imazalil-based fungicide, Fungazil 100 SL, has been given approval for use on ware potatoes with immediate effect.

It can be used to control silver scurf, skin spot, gangrene and Fusarium dry rot, and has no statutory withholding period between application and produce sale, said the company.

“It gives growers the flexibility to sell potatoes from store direct into either the seed or the ware markets pointed out Jonathan Tann, BASF Seed Treatment Product Manager.

“The active ingredient in Fungazil 100 SL has no reported incidence of resistance to any tuber pathogens to date,” he added.

Sold as a soluble concentrate formulation in 1 litre and 5 litre pack sizes, recommended dose rate is 100ml/tonne of treated potatoes.

BASF recommends spraying tubers as soon as possible after harvest for best results preferably within 7-10 days to achieve the best reduction of both skin and wound diseases.

Fungazil 100 SL can be used on the seed tubers of all varieties of early and maincrop potatoes grown for the seed or ware market.