New herbicide option for oilseed rape growers

Oilseed rape growers have a new residual and contact herbicide option next season, BASF has announced.

Springbok combines the new active ingredient, dimethenamid-p, with metazachlor and offers particular control of weeds such as Crane’s bill and Shepherd’s purse, said the firm’s oilseed rape product manager, Diane Heath.

In trials when applied pre-emergence of the weeds at a dose rate of 2.5 litres/ha, it also gave good control of Common Field Speedwell, Mayweed, Chickweed, Field Forget-me-not, Groundsel and Sow-thistle, she said.

The product is also effective under dry conditions, she added. “Dimethenamid-p has less tendency to bind to trash, and this combined with superior soil adsorption means the active ingredient stays in the weed germination zone.

“In addition, dimethenamid-P has good lateral dispersion via soil water and is less dependent on soil moisture for activity.”

Springbok can be used pre or early post-emergence before seven true leaves of the crop, but for best results, BASF recommends making applications pre-emergence of the weed.