New options from Grimme

German manufacturer Grimme will introduce a number of new options for its recently launched GT harvesters for the 2006 season.

The primary change is the Vario RS option which is effectively Dahlman rollers with adjustable spacing between the rollers, eliminating the need to change roller sizes as conditions change.

Double Multi-sep is also a new option – the addition of a roller separator running lengthways – fitted forwards of the existing separator.

This option will be available in limited numbers for the 2006 season.

Grimme’s range of mouldboard bed formers – now built in-house – feature a new body design.

Available as a single or three-bed system, the units cost 3859 and 13,456 respectively.

Power requirements are 100hp and 160hp minimum.

In relation to planters, Chafer is to build Amistar fungicide applicators exclusively for Grimme.

The units, which are mounted to the front of the tractor, carry a 900-litre tank – with an agitation system – and a 100-litre clean-water tank for rinsing.