New pair of oilseed rapes from Pioneer

Cereals exhibitor 2009

Pioneer will be highlighting two new winter oilseed varieties and maize hybrids grown under film.

The main focus will be on winter oilseed rape products PR46W21 and PR45D03, the first ever Pioneer varieties to be added to the HGCA Recommended List. On the East and West Recommended List PR46W21 is the highest yielding normal height variety and PR45D03 is the highest yielding semi-dwarf hybrid.

The former has a gross output yield of 111 %. This new variety provides UK growers with a real opportunity to increase their profit from the oilseed rape crop, the company claims.

Maximus (semi-dwarf hybrid PR45D03) is the highest yielding semi-dwarf on that list. Its addition to the HGCA Recommended List under the new special type category for semi-dwarfs confirms the value for UK growers of its semi-dwarf plant architecture. says Pioneer.

Pioneer will also be focusing on the expansion of the area of maize grown under film with the demonstration of Pioneer brand maize hybrid Justina being grown under film using the Samco System.