North: Barley crops not looking their best

Despite the large quantities of chlorpyrifos applied for wheat bulb fly, dead hearts are easily found in wheat crops. Some crops have been badly affected and will need tender loving care to nurse them through! Plant populations are good and a warm rain would push the crops to rapid growth.

Yellow rust is present on the Wolds, but no further North yet. T0 sprays will be scheduled for next week on the susceptible varieties. Latent septoria is also easily found but with only 3mm of rain so far in March, new leaves should be clean.

As usual, winter barley crops are not looking their best at the moment. The dry weather and large temperature swings are encouraging a rainbow range of leaf discolouration. Disease and growth regulators will be scheduled for later in the month and some will receive the new SDHI chemistry. But with another dry spring looming, I ‘m not sure there will be much benefit over existing products. Spring barley crops are all sown and seed beds have been superb.

Oilseed rape crops are at stem extension and pollen beetle can easily be found with some crops reaching threshold levels. If the weather remains settled then a spray might be required.

Although pyretheroid resistance has been confirmed in Yorkshire, I feel this is not widespread and I will major still on this chemistry. The main dressing of nitrogen for rape will be applied this week, but without a drop of rain, it will have little effect.

Light leaf spot is present in susceptible varieties, but not at the high levels we might have anticipated.

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