North: Things really happening at last

What a difference some sunshine makes ground is really dried up now and any spring drilling is taking place at rapid pace in to on the whole very good seed-beds as soil temperatures start to warm up and if there is some moisture i would expect these crops to establish very evenly.

Most winter crops have received some nitrogen and are starting to wake up and again with a bit of heat in the soil I would expect them to start and move on fairly quickly and we will all wait with baited breath to see what will happen with disease levels, particularly yellow rust.

Some winter barley crops have patches in them which is being suspected as snow rot but unfortunately apart from a bit of TLC there is not a lot we can do at this moment. Light land and any soils suffering from soil heave will nedd a roll and some manganese applying.

As winter barley crops move rapidly i will be looking to get the second split of nitrogen on to the malting crops and will assess the T1 fungicide/growth regulator programme as the crop moves on but will be based around strobilurin/cyprodinil/prothioconazole depending on disease pressure at time.

As I stated before I have been pleased with autumn herbicides so don’t envisage much tidy up to do but with the cold weather that we have had this winter most cleavers will be keeping their heads well below the surface.

Winter wheat is starting to move a bit and at moment looks quite clean but we generally always get a return from our T0 fungicide so will be applying a triazole/chlorotoluron- based fungicide in time more likely to be next week or early April.

Immediate pressure is on for any crops that are requiring meadow grass control because as temperatures have increased i think we can start and apply our planned Othello applications and to get the best out of this i dont want to risk it in a complex tank mix with T0 fungicides so will try and get on as soon as possible.

The spring beans that have been drilled are receiving their pre emergence herbicide either Nirvana or a pendimethalin/clomazone option.

Oilseed rape is still moving on and getting away from our feathered friends the decision now is do we put a growth regulatory fungicide on but these crops have good tap roots and will grow a good canopy so probably will justify it but not probably at too high a rate and emophasis will be on light leaf spot control.

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