Off label approval for spring osr herbicide

A specific off-label approval (SOLA) for an existing oilseed rape herbicide gives spring osr growers more weed control options this season, says United Oilseeds.

Pesticides Safety Directorate has given the SOLA to Galera (picloram + clopyralid) for use on spring oilseed rape varieties.

“Spring rape is significantly less competitive than winter crops, and can suffer heavy yield penalties from early weed competition,” explained United Oilseeds’ Richard Elsdon.

“With our Nexera spring rape variety achieving a good premium market we were keen to find a weed control solution for our growers, and are delighted to be granted a SOLA for Galera.”

The product is already used in winter oilseed rape for mayweed, sow-thistle and cleavers control and it also has activity against groundsel and black bindweed, the firm said.

Galera is applied at 0.35 l/ha from when the crop has two true leaves up to just before the green buds extend above the crop leaf canopy.